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Wouter Stelwagen

Stetweg 26
1901 JE Castricum



2023 solo, Republiek Gallery, Amsterdam

2022 group Retro Future, curated by Next Nature, Evoluon Eindhoven

2022 group Cars, Cars, Cars, Republiek Gallery, Amsterdam

2021 group Buy My Darlings ’the naked edition’ expo NDSM fuse, Amsterdam

2020 group Buy My Darlings expo NDSM, Amsterdam

2018 group, _wals01_, Oude Pastorie, Herzele, BE

2017 group, Galerie Caroline O’Breen, Suspension of Disbelief, Amsterdam

2016 solo, SBK, Amsterdam

2015 duo, Seelevel Gallery, Spatial Arrangments, with Sander Meisner, Amsterdam

2015 Foto Festival Naarden

2015 group, kunstmaand Ameland 2014 Unseen Collection, Unseen Photo Fair

2014 solo, ‘Fringe’, CBK Emmen

2014 group,’Orchestrated Coincidence’, Seelevel Gallery, Amterdam

2013 Unseen Collection, Unseen Photo Fair

2013 Foto Festival Naarden

2013 group, Cityscapes, GUP Gallery hosted by Seelevel Gallery, Amsterdam

2012 YIP photo auction, Christies, Amsterdam

2012 Memoria d”un Paisatge, Ververs Gallery, Amsterdam

2012 group, Contemporary Ruhr Essen, Zolleverein Essen, Germany

2012 group, ‘The F-stops here’, Gallery 825, L.os Angeles, U.S.A.

2012 solo, Henri, Brussel 2012 group, Linkart Amsterdam

2011 group, Oracle head office, permanent exhibit

2010 group, Silent Witness, Ververs Gallery, Amsterdam

2010 group, Atheneum Bookstore, for Zissisnotaglossy

2009 solo, Zonnebaars, Nijmegen

2009 group, Andersom Art Fair, The Hub, Amsterdam

2009 group, “Delux strikes a pose”, De Oude Kerk, Amsterdam

2008 solo, Shashin, Amsterdam

2006 solo, Print Gallery, Amsterdam

2005 group, “Stemrust”, Het Wilde Weten, Rotterdam

2003 group, “Identified”, Galerie van Zoetendaal, Amsterdam

2003 solo, “Breaking Walls”, Frascati theatre, Amsterdam

2002 group, “Young Photographers”, FOAM museum, Amsterdam

2002 group, End Exam exhibition, Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam

2002 group,”FOAM in het Vondelpark, Vondelpark, Amsterdam

2001 group, galerie van Zoetendaal, Amsterdam

Publications / Special Mention

2023 documentary commission, Anna Cornelis Fonds, Vajont Project

2023 PF Magazine, coverstory

2023 Stitch My Brain by Monika Auch, reproductions, JapSam publishers

2023 Volksrant Magazine ‘Solitair & Solidair

2022 AVProyectos, #109 Spain

2021 EXIT Magazine #84 Home sweet home, Fringe project

2020 Volkskrant Magazine, Approach project

2019 Shutr Magazine #164

2019 documentary commission, Amsterdam City Archive, Approach series

2017-2019 Volkskrant Magazine ‘Binnenkijken’

2016 Silvershotz magazine

2015 Parool, September 3rd

2015 Volkskrant Magazine, May 9nd

2015 Chip Foto Magazine, May

2015 collection Dutch Ministery of Foreign Affairs, for the Dutch consulate in Chongqing

2015 Volkskrant Magazine January 17th

2015 New Dawn Magazine

2014 Leeuwarder Courant, March

2014 Dagblad van het Noorden, March

2013 Volkskrant Magazine June 1st

2013 Magazine ‘Fotografie’ May

2013 ‘Glamcult’ Magazine June

2010 artist-in-resident program Hong Kong, made possible by ACO-Hong Kong and Fonds BKVB

2010 Zissisnotaglossy Magazine

2009 publication in “Mooi Europa”, book about European Architecture

2008 publication in Tubelight Magazine

2006 startstipendium, Fonds voor de Beeldende Kunsten Bouwkunst en Vormgeving

2002 publication in Praemium Erasmianum, magazine of Erasmus price

2002 publication in de Volkskrant, Young Photographers exposition

2002 collection Ministery of Foreign Affairs

2002 collection Fries Museum Leeuwarden, Ministerie van Buitenlandse Zaken

2002 workshop with Bernd and Hilla Becher